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Cradle offers a robust (yet human-friendly) cloud phone system for your referral and a generous donation to your favourite charity.


Connecting technology to something a bit more local.

(we care about our customers' user experience just as much as the community that they live in)

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How does this work exactly?
It's super easy. We simply ask for a warm introduction to anyone who could benefit from using our phone system and we'll take it from there. After they have used Cradle for two months, we'll donate $250 to the charity of your choice (under your name, if you'd prefer).
Anything else that I should know about?
All we ask is that your referred company has at least 5 users (get in touch anyway if it's fewer than that) and that they have successfully paid two invoices.
Which charity can I choose?
Any! It's completely your choice.
I love it. What’s next?
Super. Get in touch with us and we'll go from there.
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Know anyone?

As a thank you for your referral, we will donate $250 to your favourite charity after they've used Cradle for two months.
(referred org has at least 5 users)

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