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Delight your customers by talking to them

Solve the challenges your customers have on the phone; leave them delighted

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Customer Service
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Customer Success teams need tools to engage with customers

More than 50% of customers still prefer the option of a phone call to help them resolve an issue.


Make sure your team are all working off the same information

When your customer success team are on the phone, they need the tools to help your customers as quickly as possible. With Cradle, they have immediate access to the customer records inside HubSpot meaning they can provide the answers on the first phone call. No more making customers wait for a solution.


Voicemail is not fun, but let's make it work!

When connected to HubSpot, Cradle allows you to set realistic expectations with your customers, to help them help themselves, and if they do need to talk to your customer success or technical support teams, you can automatically create support tickets when they leave you a voice message. Even when your customer success team aren't at their desks, they can still delight your customers.


Reporting will help you and your team improve

Detailed reports and insights into how your Customer Success team are performing on the phone help you improve as a team, delight your customers, and ensure you've got the right number of people working at any one time. Cradle reports on how many calls your team are taking, how long it's taking to answer the phone, who's answering calls most quickly and who could use some more training. Never rely on a finger in the air approach to quality with your customers again.

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