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Inbound Phone Solutions for Your Small Business

Experience up to 80% fewer missed calls, leading to better customer service, increased productivity and happier clients.

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Never Miss a Call Again

Taking calls with Cradle is so easy you will never miss an important call again. Our unique multiple routing scheme and priority routing ensure calls get answered by the right person, every time.


The World Is Your Office

We have seamless desktop-to-mobile live call transfer so you can take your calls on the go. Don’t want to be disturbed? Our smart presence and calendar sync know when you and your team are unavailable.

Easy Call Transfer

Lucky enough to have someone answering your office calls? Our enriched caller ID shows which number they have dialed and whom they normally talk to, so you know who to connect them to before you answer.

 Add Contact Duriing Call-1


Seamless Integrations

Cradle integrates with your existing business software and hardware smoothly and seamlessly Xero integration-1

HubSpot CRM integration 

View important details immediately with enriched caller ID, log every call and turn leads into conversions with Cradle's HubSpot integration.

Xero accounting software integration

Sync call activity with Xero client data to create detailed client profiles and increase efficiency for your team.

Jabra headset integration

Our native integration with Jabra headsets makes taking calls easier than ever before. Never miss a call again!


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