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Cradle's Headset Recommendations


We have worked with dozens of headsets, and understand the value of a good headset when it comes to phone calls. Reach out if you'd like personalised advice. 

The Evolve2 range is the latest from Jabra, bringing your conversations to life, as well as your music. We recommend the Evolve2 range for businesses looking to give their smaller or mobile teams the very best. From the entry-level Evolve2 40, which provides fantastic sound for both the caller and your team, through to the Evolve2 85 for the full noise cancelling experience, we recommend these headsets over and over. 

When to use:

  • If your team works from a multitude of locations
  • If your team works on their mobile (Check out the 65 and 85)
  • If some of these locations are noisy
  • You just like amazing kit!

The Engage Series is designed to suit the needs of call centric workers who talk and listen to customers using Cradle. Every Engage Series product is optimized to drive customer satisfaction by delivering great-sounding calls, even in noisy work environments.

To reduce interruptions and enhance focus, every Engage product features integrated busylights to ensure attention stays focused on the call at hand. Lightweight, ergonomic designs ensure the headsets are comfortable for intensive all-day wear.

To deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction, Jabra Engage Series gives users the freedom to take customers calls from multiple devices, as their workstyle demands.

  • Crystal clear calls to enhance customer experience.
  • Advanced noise-cancelling microphones and enhanced speakers deliver crystal-clear calls even in noisy offices.
  • Freedom taking customer calls.
  • With wireless and corded solutions, and connectivity options for Cradle on your mobile, your desktop or your tablet, the Engage Series ensures your team is always available for customer calls.
  • Reduce interruptions and boost productivity.
  • Integrated busylights act as a do-not-disturb sign for colleagues. Impressive passive noise cancellation enhances agents’ focus.

We've picked out the best Bluetooth headsets that we have used ourselves, and pulled them into this one collection here for you. We recommend Bluetooth to a large range of users, specifically in these circumstances:

  • Your team work in multiple locations, for example at home and in the office
  • Mobile communications are a big part of the way your team work. These devices connect to mobile and desktop softphones. 
  • You don't have more than about 15 people on the phone in one office location (otherwise you can end up with call quality issues). 

Wireless is great and all, but sometimes you can't beat the cost effectiveness and call quality of a wire! We have picked the best of the Jabra range for price vs experience, and would recommend one of these three headsets based on your particular use case. All of these headsets are good for users who:

  • Work from multiple locations
  • Require high quality calls
  • May work in high density situations, such as call centres or busy workplaces
  • Need a good headset at a really affordable price

The Evolve range are the original Jabra range for the hardworking office professional, with models for the tightest of budgets (check out the Evolve 20) through to the elegance, calm and quiet of the top model, the Evolve 75, which has active noise cancellation (ANC) and a high quality noise cancelling mic. 

We recommend these for many applications, however would suggest considering the newer Evolve2 range if your budget allows. 

We have two recommendations for conference room speakers, and we also stock the Jabra PanaCast - the ultimate huddle room webcam. If you're looking to use larger rooms for conference calls (perhaps for that AGM), we'd recommend the Speak 710 or Speak 750, as they can be paired together to fill out larger spaces. Otherwise, the Speak 510 is a great meeting room speaker. 

The DECT range of headsets are most suited to those who are serious about their calling! They include the more budget friendly Pro 930, the most popular workhorse of all Cradle headsets, through to the Engage 75, the top of the range model. DECT technology allows for much great range and density than Bluetooth based wireless headsets, making them much more suitable for larger offices with lots of people. 

All Jabra headsets have great noise cancelling properties on their microphones, however for that ultimate in privacy we'd recommend the Engage range if you're office tends to get a little rowdy!

If you're looking for a portable headset, you will probably be better off checking out the Bluetooth range of headsets. These headsets all require a base station which plugs into your computer and a power outlet.