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Cradle Integration with Sakari 

Extend your communication channels and incorporate SMS into the mix with Cradle and Sakari. 

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HubSpot reports calling dashboard With Cradle call history and notifications for Sakari SMS, and HubSpot open contact on the left

Right message, Right time, Right channel

Communication isn’t always linear. A simple text is an effective way to let your customers know that you're aware of what’s going on and on top of things.

Follow up with SMS notification image
Incorporate SMS in your outreach or follow-up process
Choosing American phone numbers in Cradle
Send SMS with a Cradle mobile number
Graph from dashboard showing total number of Calls and SMS made
Improve efficiencies by increasing contact rates

“With Sakari connected to Cradle, I can communicate with our customers on their terms. Sometimes a picture by text works; sometimes a call is needed " 

Almanzo Blampied
Sales Manager, Te Pari Products

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SMS Automation 

No stone left unturned. Trigger workflows within HubSpot to automatically send SMS’s out based on calls received from HubSpot contacts or voicemails left.

Hubspot calls dashboard with a pop up for an active HubSpot workflow automation

Single view reporting

Consolidate all of your customer communications data directly through HubSpot’s reporting. 

Iphone X with Cradle on call screen with pop up notifications showing missed calls and a toggle on/off switch for SMS missed call follow up

Diversify your approach

Use SMS to extend your reach and tailor your service based on different stages of the customer journey. 

Hubspot contact screen with SMS conversation on the left showing how an SMS follow could look with Cradle and Sakari integrated with HubSpot

Calling isn't what it used to be

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