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Keep your team in HubSpot, make better calls and track client communications effortlessly.


Cradle does all the basics your expect from your phone system

Voice Menu
Voice Menu Greetings
Customise an IVR (Voice Menu) for each number or office
Call Transfer
Call Transfer
Transfer immediately or make a warm introduction
Unlimited Concurrent Calls
Unlimited Concurrent Calls
Make and receive as many calls at the same time as you wish
iOS and Android
Apps for Everyone
Mobile (iOS, Android) and Desktop (MacOS, Windows) app for your whole team
Custom Recordings
Custom Recordings
Personalise your voice menu, voicemails and welcome greeting
Ring Tone
Ring Tones
Choose how you would like to be alerted when someone calls
Shared Contact
Shared Contacts
Access your G-Suite, Office 365, Xero and HubSpot contacts seamlessly
Desktop Notification
Desktop Notification
Get notified with desktop notifications and answer calls with one click
Role Based Routing
Role Based Routing
Customise routing scheme based on each person's role or skill
Voicemail to Email
Voicemail to Email
Get your voicemails sent to your email (we know you never check them anyway)
Business Hours
Business Hours
Set a different routing scheme for during and after business hours
Call Recordings
Call Recording (COMING SOON)
Record all of your calls and play them back at a later time

And we offer these great phone features

Multiple Routing
Multiple Routing
Set an unique routing scheme for each number or office
Jabra Integration
Jabra Integration
Enjoy enhanced user experience with native integration with Jabra headsets
Desktop to Mobile
Desktop to Mobile
Transfer a live call from your desktop to your mobile seamlessly
Local Presence
Local Presence
Cradle automatically sets your outbound number based on where you are calling
Out of Office
Cradle automatically changes your presence when you leave your office
Priority Routing
Priority Routing
Configure how calls get routed based on a user's priority to pick up
Smart Presence
Smart Presence (NEW)
Cradle automatically sets your presence based on your environment and behaviour
Enriched Caller ID
Enriched Caller ID (NEW)
Cradle shows you which number the caller called and whom they normally talk to
Smart Connect
Smart Connect (NEW)
Calls get routed to the most appropriate user based on past conversations

And Cradle makes your life easier with these features!

Web Admin
Web Admin
Manage your phone system settings in a beautiful web experience
G Suite or Office 365
G-Suite or Office 365
Sync with your existing G-Suite or Office 365 accounts for easy setup
International Numbers
International Numbers
Create a global presence with a local number for each office
Shared Numbers
Shared Numbers
Port your existing number, add and manage new numbers, all in one place
Friendly Support
Kiwi Support
Feel supported with our NZ based customer success team (email, chat, or phone)
Reporting (NEW)
Get detailed call metrics and reporting sent to your inbox
Shared Numbers
Hubspot Integration (NEW)
Click-to-call, activity tracking, shared contacts, and enriched caller ID
Click-to-call, activity tracking, shared contacts, and enriched caller ID
Shared Numbers
Shared Call Log (NEW)
See entire history of a call on all your devices and across teams

Contact Sync

Automatic sync of your Hubspot contact data into CircleLoop.

Enriched Call Experience

Smart Presence

Manage your availability manually or rely on Cradle to let your work mates and customers know when to best reach you (or not).

Cradle Desktop App


Choose from blind or warm (and check your work mate's presence) before completing the transfer.

Cradle Call Transfer

Let's speak. We love calls.


Xero Integration

Voice to Text


Simple Pricing

Flat Pricing


Customer Stories

Smart Call Routing


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