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Features made for smarter teams

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Everything you need to have better conversations with better outcomes

All of the awesome stuff that will delight your customers and make your team more productive.

Voice Menu Greetings

Customise an Auto Attendant or Voice Menu (IVR) to greet your callers.

Desktop Notification

Get notified with desktop notifications and answer calls with one click.

Transfer your Callers

Transfer callers to someone else on your team who can help them.

Apps for Everyone

Mobile (iOS, Android) and Desktop (macOS, Windows) app for your whole team.

Voicemail to Email

Get your voicemails sent to your email (we know you never check them anyway).

Custom Recordings

Personalise your voice menu, voicemails and welcome greeting.

Shared Contacts

Access your G-Suite, Office 365, Xero and HubSpot contacts seamlessly.

Ring Tones

Choose how you would like to be alerted when someone calls.

Call Recording (NEW)

Record all of your calls and play them back at a later time.

Business Hours

Customise how Cradle handles calls during and after hours. 

Unlimited Concurrent Calls

Make and receive as many calls at the same time as you wish.

Role-Based Routing

Customise call routing based on each person's role or skillset.

Google Workspace Integration

Sync your contacts from Google Workspace accounts for easy setup.

Office-365 Integration

Sync your contacts from Office 365 accounts for easy setup.

Local Presence

Show your caller a local number and increase the likelihood that they'll pick up.


Cradle automatically changes your presence when you leave your office.

Jabra Integration

Enjoy enhanced user experience with native integration with Jabra headsets.

Multiple Routing

Route calls however you want to with Cradle's call routing tools.

Contact Owner Routing

The call is automatically routed to the HubSpot account contact owner.

Smart Presence

Cradle automatically sets your presence based on your environment and behaviour.

Enriched Caller ID

We'll give the person answering the phone call context so they can answer with confidence.

Smart Connect

Calls get routed to the most appropriate user based on past conversations.

Desktop to Mobile

Transfer a live call from your desktop to your mobile seamlessly.

Web Admin

Manage your phone system settings with the click of a button, no IT required.

International Numbers

Create a global presence with a local number for each office.

Shared Numbers

Port your existing number, add and manage new numbers, all in one place.

Kiwi Support

Feel supported with our NZ based customer success team (email, chat, or phone).


Understand the performance of your team, see where you can improve, and make sure you're resourced correctly.

HubSpot Integration

Launch automation, track campaign effectiveness, improve your one source of the truth, all whilst talking to your customers.

Xero Integration

Click-to-call, activity tracking, shared contacts, and enriched caller ID

Shared Call Log

See the entire history of a call on all your devices and across teams.


Permanently block unwanted inbound numbers


Send calls to another mobile when no internet is available

Sakari SMS

Integration with Sakari SMS so you can send messages using your Cradle numbers

Custom Hold Music

If someone has to be on hold, make it a little more pleasing. 

customise the way you connect

Unleash the power of Cradle and have conversations that delight

Calling isn't what it used to be

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