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Sales Teams

Boost productivity, improve lead management and close more deals with Cradle. 

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Drive high-performing sales teams

Shift your focus to high-value activity. Enable your team with the tools to ditch repetitive admin tasks and spend more time closing deals.

See Performance

See exactly how your team's time on the phones is translating towards your KPIs. Measure performance, identify gaps and improve sales performance with our call analytics.

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Connect with more prospects

Local Presence 

With over 70+ countries covered across the globe, increase answer rate and connect with more prospects by using local, international and toll-free numbers. Did we also mention the local number automatically appears when calling out!

Reduce Manual Tasks

All inbound & outbound calls are automatically logged to make sure you have one source of truth for your teams calling data.

Set up in minutes...

We built a set-up wizard that makes onboarding simple, fast and enjoyable. simply follow our 3 step process to get your phone system up a running. 

No downtime. Keep your existing business line running and switch to Cradle hassle-free. Sign-up and receive a free local number on us! 

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What's your ROI by switching to Cradle?

Better productivity means more deals
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Work anywhere

Keep your team connected on any device, anywhere you have an internet connection. Cradle’s soft-phone is available on macOS, Windows, iOS & Android. 

If you lose your internet connection Cradle can redirect incoming calls to a mobile number so you'll never miss a call.

A team that scales

Add new users to your team as soon as you need them.

A scalable team means predictable revenue. Accelerate your team's learnings by reducing ramp periods, improving scripts and optimising processes with our call recording feature. 

A team that scales
HubSpot Integration

Power up your sales with HubSpot

The No.1 lead management integration

Never miss another call with a lead

Missed calls are missed opportunities. Build lasting relationships with Cradle’s smart routing feature by routing prospects right through to customers with the appropriate point of contact.

Improve your prospecting strategy

Create powerful workflows that convert prospects into customers. 

Calling your prospect list is a breeze with our Click-to-Call Chrome extension.

Build or expand SMS as part of your prospecting strategy with our third-party integration with Sakari.

Automate missed call follow-ups

Close the loop. Use the power of HubSpot automations to follow-up with leads using SMS & email or set tasks for your team whenever someone leaves a voicemail.

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