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connect to your customers

Cradle combines the power of smart call routing and user-centered design to help your customers talk to the right person at the right time.


How happy are you with your phone system today?

(here are some real pain points people have told us)

Phone SystemPhone System Light

Tied to Your Desk

"I wish I could have a separate business landline number on my smartphone."


Missed Connections

"I wish we could direct calls to the right person at the right time based on role and/or location."

Pig PricingPig Pricing Tail

Complex Pricing

"We had to pay for different a la carte features, international pricing, and other gotcha costs."

VoicemailVoicemail Circle

Voicemails, Ugh

"I wish my voicemails can be transcribed into a text or email message."

Direct ConnectVoice BoxVoice Box

It's Business, Not Personal

"I wish my staff could use one centralized number instead of their personal mobile to make calls."

Phone SystemPhone ControlPhone ControlPhone ControlPhone Control

Complicated Setup

"We spent days setting up our system with a technician and it required a huge investment."

cradle helps solve these problems

cradle helps solve these problems 

Smart Call Routing
Flat Pricing
Voice to Text

Cradle is emerging as a top voip provider nz by introducing features like auto attendant. We focus on creating the best business landline and landline for business phone experience for our customers. We offer wireless voip phone and cloud pbx systems at one flat price. If you need voip nz, please get in touch with us to learn more. We are one of the top voip service in the country and we offer phone systems nz to our customers in nz.