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Cradle integration with HubSpot

Cradle makes it easy to integrate your CRM and phone system so that you can focus on what’s important.

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HubSpot contact mockup with a Cradle soft-phone in front of it

Combine Cradle With The Power Of HubSpot

Sales reps are forced to jump through hoops just trying to get basic contact info for potential clients? Cradle brings HubSpot integration right into your phone system so reps can quickly and easily find the leads they need on demand.

Group Cradle voicemail transcription toggle on and off set to on

Voicemail Transcription

Don't like checking voicemails? No stress, we will transcribe it and email it to you.

Cradle enriched caller id screen from an incoming call

Enriched Caller-ID

Instantly see HubSpot record info as a call comes in so you can answer the phone ahead of the game.

Dashboard graph showing calls and SMS outbound

Powerful Reporting

Insight into your activity on the phone, track KPI's, see high value or problem customers at a glance.

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Seamless Integration

It takes less than a minute to set up Cradle + HubSpot with our one-click integration.  

HubSpot + Calling App icons side by side

More insights with HubSpot reporting

Connect all of the dots and see the full picture of your team's performance directly from HubSpot. 

HubSpot Marketing analytics dashboard with  the Cradle soft phone next to it

One Source Of Truth

Consolidate your existing contact information to create a unified source of information. Do you actually have one source of truth if your phone calls aren’t in HubSpot? 

iOs phone mock up with Cradle app home screen

One-click access to contact records

Access relevant information about your contacts at the click of a button. 

Iphone 11 and Macbook with Cradle and HubSpot showing the Cradle one click to call feature
Automate processes with workflows

Leverage HubSpot’s advanced automations with Cradle to automate follow-ups and improve team processes.

Trigger HubSpot workflows

Contextual responses with enriched-caller ID

Answer calls knowing who's on the phone, where they’re from and when you last spoke to them.

Cradle desktop soft phone with incoming call

Connect with the right person

Connect your prospects, leads or customers directly with their contact owner for a personalised experience.

Cradle Admin portal showing the setup routing screen

Add SMS into the mix

Incorporate SMS as part of your processes with our Sakari Integration

Macbook pro showing HubSpot contact screen and SMS conversation

Calling isn't what it used to be

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