Cradle integration with HubSpot

Cradle makes it easy to integrate your CRM and phone system so that you can focus on what’s important.

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Combine Cradle With The Power Of HubSpot

We know that you want to be more productive, but keeping track of every call is tough, right? With Cradle's HubSpot integration you'll never miss another call again. You'll know who called, what they said and more - all in a single location.

Voicemail transcription
Check back and reference

Voicemail transcription

Don't like checking voicemails? No stress, we will transcribe it, add it to HubSpot and email it to you.

Enriched callerid
Answer confidently with

Enriched Caller ID

Instantly see HubSpot record info as a call comes in so you can answer the phone ahead of the game.

two examples of graphs produced by the Cradle analytics dashboard
revise and adjust

Powerful reporting

Insight into your activity on the phone, track KPI's, see the high-value opportunities or problem customers at a glance.

Seamless integration

It takes less than a minute to set up Cradle + HubSpot with our one-click integration. This means you will start to see your Cradle data in HubSpot as soon as you need it. No expensive consultants or development, no third party set-up.

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More insights with HubSpot reporting

With HubSpot + Cradle all your calls are logged against your contact records, deals and tickets allowing you to generate reports that connect all the dots and see the full picture of your team's performance directly from HubSpot.

Some of our awesome customers

One source of truth

Do you actually have one source of truth if your phone calls aren’t in HubSpot?

Consolidate your existing contact information to create a unified source of information.


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One-click access to contact records

Give your callers a fast, efficient and friendly experience, by having their details on screen when you answer their call. 

Quickly access relevant information about your contacts at the click of a button before you even answer the phone.

Iphone 11 and Macbook with Cradle and HubSpot showing the Cradle one click to call feature

Automate processes with workflows

Leverage HubSpot’s advanced automation with Cradle to automate follow-ups and improve team processes.

Trigger automatic call follow-ups from missed calls or enrol prospects into nurture sequences.

Trigger HubSpot workflows

Contextual responses with enriched-caller ID

You call a business, they don't know who you are, they struggle to find any information about you.

Enriched Caller-id shows you information like contact owner, lifecycle stage and the last conversation so you can know who the person on the other end of the phone is and what they may be calling about.


Enriched caller id

Connect with the right person

Help your team and customers build long-lasting relationships.

Connect your prospects, leads or customers directly with their contact owner for a personalised experience.

Cradle Admin portal showing the setup routing screen

See what others say about our HubSpot integration

"By far the best HubSpot phone system our team have come across! Integration took less than a minute to set up and the contact-owner routing feature has made a significant improvement in delighting our clients with a personalised experience. Could not recommend Cradle enough!"
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Adrian Bortignon
Diamond HubSpot Solutions Partner, Kongo Industries
Great integration to help manage your customer relationships. Cradle is a great platform and with the integration, with HubSpot it means all of your calls are automatically logged against the contact record, it means you have can document your phone calls within HubSpot."
Stuart Wilkinson
CEO, Rightway

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