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Cradle integration with HubSpot

With 3 easy clicks you can attract more prospects, close more deals, and consistently delight your customers by connecting Cradle's calling with HubSpot. 

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Cradle integration with HubSpot

A productivity boost for Sales

Keep your sales team in HubSpot, as well as their phone activity, so that you're focussing their time on the highest value tasks and maximising productivity of sales professionals

Capture your marketing return

By capturing phone call activities from leads in HubSpot, you can bring reporting on non-digital media into HubSpot and get the full picture of your marketing ROI
Hubspot on mobile for checking Cradle call notes on the go

Delight your customers

Always answer your customers calls with confidence and context. With HubSpot connected to your phone system you'll have Enriched caller-id to see who's calling and give them great service, first time

One-click access to every HubSpot contact record

Ever answered the phone and spent two minutes trying to find out who the caller is, and why they're calling? Never again - answer with confidence using Cradle! Every HubSpot contact with a phone number is displayed in Cradle as the call comes in, giving you one-click access to the contact or company.

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One click to add contact from Cradle call to HubSpot records

Measure your sales team's activities in one place

Measure every aspect of your sales team's performance, by having calls, email, meetings, notes and deal activity all in HubSpot. With all phone calls logged you won't leak data and loose visibility of your team's performance.

Measure sales teams performance with Cradle and HubSpot integration

Improve productivity and automate phone call follow up

Set up workflows to deal with every type of phone call outcome. With Cradle's contact and company property integrations you can enrol (and re-enrol) contacts and companies in workflows to accomplish and automate all of the repetitive tasks your team do.

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Automate follow up calls and tasks using HubSpot workflows

Attribute phone calls to marketing campaigns

Using Cradle to fill the gap between digital lead tracking and traditional media, you can get a full picture of which marketing activities generate the greatest ROI for your business. Cradle shows you which campaign makes the phone ring; which campaigns should you be investing more into?

Add Cradle phone calls to marketing campaigns in HubSpot

Keep HubSpot data up to date: add phone numbers to contacts mid-call

When an unknown number calls, you can add it to an existing contact or create a new contact in HubSpot during or after the call, maintaining the quality of your data. The call is logged as well. By collecting email and checking for duplicates, Cradle helps keep your current records up to date!

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Keep hubspot contacts up to date by adding them from within Cradle

Connect HubSpot and Cradle 

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