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no more monkey business

No contract. No gotcha pricing. Friendly Kiwi support.


“We have become much more efficient at engaging with prospects who phone into the business and give them a great first impression.”


Stuart Wilkinson
Head of Sales and Marketing, Rightway

Tired of guessing how much you pay every month?

(we were too, so we created one simple price for every business need)

Only In

$25per user per month

invoiced monthly

Take your business calls on your mobile phone or desktop app
Includes 1 NZ / AU local landline number
Unlimited inbound calls from anywhere in the world
Minimum 2 users
All of Cradle's core features


$40per user per month

invoiced monthly

Minimum 2 users per company
Includes $15 of outbound calling credits
Multiple landline numbers available
Minimum 2 users
Inquire about specific call rates for mobile and by country


Customfixed price per org

invoiced monthly

All features of In-N-Out plan
Minimum 10 users per company
One flat price for the entire organisation
Send us your monthly usage and we can design the right plan for you

*all prices excl. GST

"The set up was painless and we got instant buy in from our staff who love using Cradle everyday. Not only were the phone calls exactly like a native mobile phone call but the backend set up was quick and simple. The great app experience was backed up by a friendly support team who helped get us going quickly and listened to our ideas for new features. "


Andrew Long
Head of Support, Timely

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What's different about you?
Cradle was inspired by the idea that businesses can foster better relationships with their customers if they can talk to each other more often and in a timely fashion. We care deeply about your interaction with every Cradle product and we try our best to make every feature count.
What am I committing to?
We are confident you will love Cradle so we let you cancel at any time. Service will run through until the end of your current monthly billing cycle. If you choose to leave us, you can port your number over to a new provider and we won’t charge you anything.
What else do I need?
You will need Ultra Fast Broadband in your office to use Cradle. At a minimum, we recommend a 20 Mbps down and 15 Mbps up connection (check out details of providers here). You can test your current connection by selecting the bandwidth test here). If you want to use Cradle on your mobile, you’ll need at least a 3G connection.
I love it. What’s next?
If you're wanting to switch and upgrade your existing phone system, we'd be happy to help make the transition seamless. Click here to set up a coffee date with us.
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