How Cradle helped Lanyana gain confidence and leading CX

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Lanyana Overview

Lanyana Financial Group based in Brisbane Australia is a personalised refinancing service for anyone struggling with more than 10,000 dollars in unsecured debt. We spoke with general manager Brett Gavin who's been with the company for nine years.


Customer Experience is a key pillar

Lanyana offers a wide range of personal debt relief, tailored to our client’s financial solution; whether that’s a management plan, home loan refinancing or even bankruptcy.

Unlike other finance groups, we take the mental wellbeing of our customers seriously, so changing the stigma around debt is something we’re passionate about. We want to take the shame people feel about their debt and show them they can take ownership and be proud that they’re taking proactive steps towards sorting out their finances.


Traditional technology was failing us

We didn't have satisfaction; the company wasn’t reaching its potential. After taking a step back, we realised we’d fallen into the traditional ways of using technology: it wasn’t personalised, and it wasn’t building customer trust.

Prior to Cradle, Lanyana relied on an automated dialer system. Basically, it would attempt to make as many calls and contacts in a day. On top of that, as soon as an application changed hands multiple times with customers having to repeat details, that created stress and we found it hard to reverse that damage.

Because of the stress our customers were feeling, this was causing our own sales and support teams to lose confidence. Hanging up on a phone call with an anxious or upset customer wasn’t giving them the feeling they were working to the best of their ability.


Combined with HubSpot

All our enquiries are received either through inbound calls or from online. HubSpot then captures the information, creates a submission contact and allocates them to a specific consultant. From there, consultants are prompted to contact them through Cradle and a recording of the call and details are stored against the contact. This way we have traceability and accountability from start to finish.


A Seamless Changeover

Taking a punt on a new system is always stressful, especially for a company the size of Lanyana. The majority of our staff are fully reliant on a technology system, so any time wasted with teething issues can be really detrimental to our bottom line.

When we first started the changeover, I wasn’t sleeping the first couple of nights. In that first three months, there’s always going to be teething issues with any new system you’re using, but between that three to six month period of using Cradle we’ve got stability in the application and the way it’s working.

Our staff also got to grips with the application incredibly well. It was a big change for them, so I was relieved in terms of how effortless it was to navigate the user
interface. I’ve never had anyone come to me and say ‘look, I don’t know how to make or a call, or transfer, or how do I create an account.’


Greater Customer Satisfaction & Greater visibility

Very quickly you could see the benefit compared to what we were doing previously. We’ve already seen a huge improvement with one of our biggest focusses, customer satisfaction and collecting net promoter scores.

I also feel I’ve become a better manager. The data Cradle collects allows me access to the overall workflow: see who is answering inbound calls, what the answer rates are and how long phone calls last. As a manager this has been incredibly helpful because it allows me to spot the areas where some of my team might need help, and it’s opened a path for brainstorming ideas for where we may not be performing our best. I’ve noticed this hands-on approach with my staff has really improved team morale.


Ticking all the boxes

I looked at a lot of options that we're available out there when we were reviewing how we could improve our phone systems. Cradle ticked all the boxes; the HubSpot integration, call recordings for compliance and desktop notifications so our staff stay on beat with customers. Those are just some of the simple, yet ingenious features offered for a communication-heavy business like Lanyana.

At the end of every day, our success comes down to customer experience. Cradle provides a service that aligns with those goals, and we’re constantly reminded of that through customer feedback and the targets our teams are hitting.

The best part about these results is knowing that we can sustain them. In today’s climate, there’s no telling if we’re going to be required to work from home for long periods, but regardless if we need to, our staff are fully equipped with Cradle on their computers. It’s like they never left the office - so that momentum is never lost.

Since we joined Cradle I’ve been surprised with how tactile the team is. Cradle is proactively getting in touch and asking how the application is working for us; listening to our feedback, as well as checking that we’re hitting our targets. It’s nice to work not only with a company that’s passionate about its product and wants to see it used to the best of its ability but is also invested in your company’s goals and growth. It’s pretty unusual that you’d get this kind of service from a system provider and it’s been a great added bonus.

The path forward

Cradle is always listening and asking for feedback. We’re constantly discussing what our intentions are for the future and they’re always going away and looking at what would be required of them to help us achieve them.

We’re constantly looking for new ways to improve customer engagement in our sales and support teams, and we’re confident that if we do look to do things differently, Cradle will be able to assist with that. We’re really excited about working with them in the future.


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