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What is Cradle?

Cradle is a business phone system, in the cloud, that uses the tools you already use and love at work. It allows you to take and make phone calls wherever you are, allowing you and your team to function more effectively and give your customers the delightful experience you want them to have.

Can I bring my current business landline number?

Yes! We can work with you and your current phone service provider to port your phone number across to Cradle. Whilst this process is happening we can arrange for phone calls to be forwarded across to Cradle so you’ll get the benefits straight away!

Can I add and remove users?

Adding users is easily done online. You can add and remove users as your business grows, or as your peak periods for calling come and go. This way you’ll only be charged for the number of people you need to have make and receive calls.

If Cradle isn’t for me, can I port my numbers away?

Yes! Any numbers on paid accounts can be ported out. You can arrange this through your new phone service provider, but get in touch with us first so we can give you the required porting details.

What do I need to get going?

If you have an Android or iOS device, you can get started on your mobile, and if you have a Windows or macOS computer, you can get started there instead! We recommend the use of a Jabra headset for our desktop apps for the best quality calling possible.

Will Cradle blow through my mobile data allowance?

Probably not. The average phone call (2 minutes) will use 1.4 MB of data. If you’re worried about this, you might want to make sure you’re using wifi when the option exists.

Does Cradle do SMS or text messaging?

Not at the moment. We’re always considering new ways to expand the phone system in our customers’ businesses so get in touch if this is something you need.

Can I use Cradle as a sole trader?

We don’t recommend Cradle for one man bands. The value Cradle provides is really most noticeable for teams who use it to replace their old phone system, or for businesses that have grown beyond the first two people and need to transfer calls between each other. If you’re a one man band we recommend using a mobile (you can get a mobile from our friends at Spark).  

Can we use Desk Phones with Cradle?

Great question. We don’t support desk phone because (frankly) we think they’re not overly practical for the modern business. You can’t take them with you, they don’t link into the main tool you use at work (your computer), you can’t click to dial from a website, and a host of other limitations. We think you’ll love Cradle’s desktop app once you’ve given it a spin for a week - why not have a go?

Do you have voicemail?

We don’t like voicemail, so we’ve made it better! We will note the missed call in your call log, transcribe the callers message, as well as email you the message and the transcription!

What number does the person I am calling see?

When you call out with Cradle, we show one of your business numbers. If you have multiple business numbers, Cradle can be set up to show the most geographically close number to the number you’re calling.

What does it take to get set up?

Getting your new phone service set up with Cradle takes about 5 minutes - that’s all - and you can be making your first phone call.

Can I make international calls?

Cradle calls need a good quality internet connection. The speed is not the most important thing, and generally if you have VDSL or a Fibre connection at work, your connection will be suitable. For mobile users, Cradle works well on WiFi or 4G connections. Cradle won’t work on a 3G connection due to the latency data transfer over 3G.

What countries can I get numbers in?

You can purchase phone numbers in New Zealand, Australia, The US, The UK, Canada and Ireland from right within the Cradle website. Some numbers require you to have a local address. We also have phone numbers in 80 other countries that we can arrange through our support team.

Can I use Cradle whilst I’m traveling?

Yes. Cradle leverages a global network of carriers with points of presence close to wherever you are wanting to call, ensuring that your calls will be high quality and the caller won’t even know you’re not just down the road.

Can Cradle supply headsets?

Yes, we help our customers get set up with the most appropriate headset for your new phone system. Cradle is a Jabra Premium Reseller, and Jabra products integrate seamlessly with Cradle’s offering to give you the best user experience possible.

Do I need an IT team to get Cradle set up?

No, you shouldn’t do. Most customers can get set up and running without needing any external help. Our website will guide you through setting up your new phone system. You might need to modify some of your router settings if some changes have been made to restrict your company’s network traffic. We can provide advice for this.

How does Cradle route calls?

Cradle has all the normal things your current phone system has such as hunt groups (we call them roles) and IVRs (we call them voice menus), but we believe there is a better way. If we have confidence that we know who your caller wants to speak to, and we see that they’re available, we’ll try to connect them using our smart connect feature.

How many numbers can we have with Cradle?

You can have as many numbers as you want to with Cradle. We have additional number costs if you’re using multiple numbers. If you’re thinking of using DDIs, we’d suggest trying Cradle for a while to start with - once our smart routing kicks in you might find you don’t need DDIs!

What other systems do you integrate with?

Cradle integrates with HubSpot and Xero for keeping your contact records up to date. We’re always looking at where to next, so if you’re interested in other integrations, please get in touch via our chat. For basic contact and user management, we integrate with Office365/MS Exchange and G-Suite.

Do you offer residential services?

Sadly we don’t. We’re a business phone service so you’ll need to keep searching!

What does Cradle cost?

Our pricing is detailed on our pricing page, but it’s pretty easy to get your head around. For most businesses, it’s $40 to $50 per user for the phone system, domestic and international calling, all our core features as well as reporting. See our pricing page for more details.

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