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Out of office

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Cradle out of office feature shown on a Apple iphoneX

Walk away with peace of mind

The power of geolocation

Want to get a quick coffee? There is no need to manually set your presence to 'away'. Cradle will recognise when you have left your office and set it for you. 


Easily change your office location when you move around so Cradle can stay up to date with when you are in your working zone.

Preparation is key

Never get a call when you won't be prepared for the conversation

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Powerful integrations

HubSpot integration app with Cradle icon
Google Workspace integration app with Cradle
Xero Integration app with Cradle
Sakari App integration with Cradle icon
Jabra Integration with Cradle app icon
Office 365 Integration with Cradle app icon

Calling isn't what it used to be

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