How Condor Performance became more local with their global clientele

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15/02/18 12:46 PM

When we first conceived Cradle in the bustling neighbourhood of SOMA in San Francisco, we had always thought that our product would cater to almost exclusively tech startups and companies with teams of 20–50 people. We never considered the reality that many small(er) businesses were in need of a phone system that could help them connect to their customers, knowing the high saturation and maturity of the telco industry as a whole. It was also widely understood that small businesses would generally just use their broadband provider’s landline product (sadly true) and that they wouldn’t require anything remotely sophisticated (so untrue!).

Lucky for us, we were glad that our earlier assumption was proven false by the slew of small businesses who signed up for our free trial when we launched Cradle publicly in late 2017. And one of those companies who has been with us since the beginning is Condor Performance.

Condor Performance is a handpicked team of Australian based Sports Psychologists who provide 1-on-1 Sports Psychology Services and Mental Toughness Training throughout the English-speaking world via the wanders of modern technology (Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts and now, Cradle).



Helping athletes reach their mental peak‍

Bread and Butter: A team of sports psychologists who help athletes and others alike improve their mental toughness
Operations: They have a team of 5 psychologists who are based in Australia
Customers: They specialize in athletes but they also have clients in many other industries and most English-speaking countries
Call Routing Setup: Incoming calls were directed to personal mobile phones
Phone Setup: They were using Skype and their personal mobile phone to talk to customers


When we first talked to Condor Performance, they were looking for something that could help their Australia based psychologists connect to their American and British clients more easily and quickly. They were relying on Skype for most of their phone interactions but it became quite limiting as they started to expand their global operations. We were very grateful when Gareth, founder and CEO, decided to share his experience with us and here are some snippets of our conversation.


Gareth, Founder and CEO‍

What was the single most important problem that you were looking to solve with a new phone system and what caused you to look for an alternative?


The problem was the incorrect assumption made by most people that if we’re not near them then we can’t help them. After viewing the percentage of enquiries that become clients in Australia (1 in 3) vs everywhere else (1 in 6), we wanted a way to support our international clients with an easy to use phone system.



One of the important features that they wanted was being able to appear “local” whenever they called their American and British clients. With Cradle they were able to easily change their preferred outbound number with one click (soon it will be automatic!) so the client would see a local number when they receive a call from one of the psychologists.

How has Cradle helped resolve your challenges? Which feature was key?

Cradle has allowed us, essentially, to be reached by a more international market without the unimaginable cost of actually setting up an office overseas.


David, Condor Performance‍

What delighted you the most?

We love how the Cradle app works on the iPhone.

What are still some challenges that have yet to be fixed?

The apps seem to require the latest OS on some non Apple phone — which a couple of our team still have.

Your overall experience with using Cradle and any anecdotes, perhaps?

Overall very positive — really like the person touch of being able to communicate directly and quickly with those who set it up. We especially love the reaction of the Brits and Americans when they think you’re calling from the down the road and you tell them you’re actually calling from half way around the world.


The team all together

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