We know what it’s like to start a new business. In New Zealand it’s apparently easy but we know that isn’t always the case. In the first months of business you need to:

  • Incorporate a company;
  • raise some money (unless you have some yourself);
  • open a bank account;
  • navigate the IRD website and hopefully find the right parts;
  • find an accountant;
  • work out what your idea looks like;
  • rent an office.

The list goes on. Ultimately you’re hoping to have 10, maybe 20 people working with you. And customers! Lots of customers.

‍We started Cradle because we get excited about making business easier. We want to help our customers talk to their customers. From years in business we have found that picking up a phone and having a conversation makes doing business with someone a pleasure.


‍So, to help out other businesses that are just starting and want to create a sense of local-ness and established-ness, we’re offering a local phone number that you can start publishing. You may not have customers yet but organising a phone number and setting up a phone system won’t slow you down.

‍For the first three months we will forward these calls to your mobile for free. When you have the office, the team and the sales calls coming in, you can transition to using the full Cradle service and start providing your customers with the best customer service in whatever industry you are in.

‍To get started, head over to our site and sign up for your free local number today.

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