Cradle vs Aircall, what's better for my business?

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20/04/23 4:12 PM

The single most important tool in sales communication is calling; missed calls are missed opportunities. That’s why choosing a cloud based call centre for your business is one of the most fundamental steps in making your business successful. 


During that process, you’ve probably come to a crossroads as to which phone system would best suit your business goals and culture. 


You’ve found yourself considering Cradle, great! There’s also a good chance you’re considering other options on the market, like Aircall. 


While it’s easy to read peer reviews on G2 (which rates Cradle at a very shiny 5 stars..) what better than to hear it from us as to why we think Cradle simply does it better when it comes to cloud phone systems. 


Cradle is a New Zealand built and operated business that prides itself in holding those reputable kiwi working values. Its very existence was built from its core values; be human and be better. Those values are what gives Cradle its point of difference.  Choosing Cradle, whether your business is based here, or in Australia, means sales and customer support will be on your time. This means no caller queues, and no irritating emails. Just simple, efficient human to human contact so your business can get on with, well, business. 


Cradle customers aren’t just numbers to us, and you’ll never be treated as one. We take the time to understand your business targets so we can better help get you there. Your feedback is something we care about, and are constantly listening to customers to better improve our product and service.


Cradle joins you on your business journey. Integrating a new phone system can be stressful, - trust me, we’ve been there.  Setting and forgetting isn’t our style; we apply the same philosophy to our customers as you would to your customers. We’ll work closely with your team to ensure that every user is set up correctly and is happy. But wait there’s more… We don’t just expect our customers to have access to brilliant phone systems and applications *winks*  We also equip them with the right communications tools to better improve your customer relationships. Teach a man to fish…


But we also totally get it! Picking a new phone system is a huge commitment and you want to do your research before you pull out your wallet. So here’s our critical look at both Cradle and Aircall.


Still not convinced what’s better for your business? 

Check out our demo - in less than 60 seconds you can see what Cradle is all about. 


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