3 Ways HubSpot and Cradle can set your customer-facing teams up for success

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4/05/23 2:42 PM

Customer-facing teams need the best systems in place to ensure they’ve got all their ducks in a row before any conversation begins. Whether it’s on the sales side or customer care, a representative shouldn’t need to take up the caller’s time by gathering context about their situation or place in the customer's journey. Or worse, make that call after a colleague from another team has just gotten off the phone.

That’s where great CRMs and great calling platforms come in. Drum roll please....

Cradle is an online calling system designed to make sales calls more human and more effective. With features like voicemail transcriptions, enhanced Caller ID, and powerful reporting, you’ll never miss out on important information because you stepped away from your desk at the wrong time.

HubSpot is a powerful CRM designed to help you grow your business. It’s easy to use, and it helps your sales, marketing, and customer care teams keep track of every detail you know about each of your contacts, leads, prospects, and customers — and target the right people at the right time, with the most effective types of communications.

Copy-pasting phone numbers into your cell phone is so 2015! By linking Cradle and HubSpot, all customer-facing teams can make calls all over the world from right within HubSpot, without needing to spend time on gathering contact information. And for every call, the relevant customer information pops up automatically. All information from each call is transcribed and logged right into HubSpot, saving customer care teams hours trying to find relevant information and letting them focus on the real job at hand: delighting customers. 

Let's get into the nitty gritty - here’s three ways Cradle and HubSpot integration makes for smoother, more effective sales and customer interaction.  

  1. Sales teams benefit from having all contact data and history ready to go for every call 

Thanks to the Cradle and HubSpot integration, sales teams can deliver better outcomes for their customers and their business in less time. Since no time is spent copying and pasting phone numbers, and they always know who they need to follow up with — even when they missed a call. Automation can be set up in HubSpot to send you a text message or email when a high-priority contact reaches out — no need to sit by your computer waiting for the call.

All incoming and outgoing sales calls are matched to the HubSpot contact database, so a salesperson always knows exactly who they’re talking to, and what their journey with your company has looked like so far. If an unknown number pops up, all they have to do is type the caller's name and email into Cradle and a HubSpot contact is automatically updated or created. 


Data and transcriptions from every sales call is synced across the platforms - this reduces reliance on note-taking and data cleanup efforts. It also helps sales teams sell more effectively than ever.

Example: A salesperson has 20 calls to make today, so they log in, open HubSpot, and click on the contact they wish to call first. All their relevant information pops up, and they’re able to make a Cradle call across the world from right within HubSpot. During the call, Cradle records and transcribes the interaction and logs the relevant information in HubSpot so the next time they’re contacted, sales or customer care can review their entire history before getting on the phone.

2. Delight and engage your customer base when they need your help

The goal of customer care teams is to keep customers satisfied with the product and service, reduce churn, and increase revenue from existing customers. This formula is guaranteed to increase the overall lifetime value of their entire customer base. 

But how do we get there? It’s a lot easier if you’re using the HubSpot and Cradle integration. HubSpot Service Hub and the data in HubSpot CRM inform what kind of help care teams need to provide when customers have issues. Having all the information about a customer’s history and journey allows care agents to be proactive throughout a customer service interaction, helping to prevent frustration and churn. 


By having all Cradle call data logged and ready in HubSpot, including calls, recordings and transcriptions, every care agent can approach each call with all the context and information they need. That means care team managers can spend more time coaching, mentoring and re-distributing resources to where it can have the biggest impact on their business. 

Inbound calls are routed to contact owners, and the relevant information in HubSpot is only ever one click away. Cradle enables swift communication throughout the process, meaning your business can focus on the tone in which it wants to communicate with customers; from banter to support, all of which can help solve the issue and strengthen the relationships between agent and customers.

Example: A customer care agent receives a frustrated call from a customer whose system is totally frozen. Instead of having to ask the customer their name, any identifying numbers, and what products they’re using, all that information pops up immediately within HubSpot. They’re able to quickly access the most important insights about this customer to tailor their support to their needs, and resolve any issue quickly and easily. 

3. Keep a close eye on sales and care team progress and performance

Having Cradle connected to HubSpot enables sales teams, customer care teams and managers view data and insights from HubSpot. This makes it infinitely easier to analyse team performance and customer satisfaction. 

In order to ensure that teams are performing as expected or better, it's critical to have reliable records on a sales team's activities throughout the days week, month, and year. Once service tickets are closed out, HubSpot's survey tools can measure how well each customer care channel is performing. And it goes beyond customer-facing team performance: attributed tracking of calls with Cradle means that marketing teams can know which of their campaigns are performing best and generating inbound leads.

Plus, automatically recorded and logged calls enable faster, more effective training and problem solving across teams, and it helps reduce the note-taking load on salespeople and customer care agents who spend all day connecting with dozens of contacts. Automatically transferred data is more accurate and less prone to human error.

Example: A sales team manager is noticing that a few of their direct reports might be ready for a promotion to a larger or more demanding territory. The manager can dig into call history, success rate, and all other important data in the HubSpot and Cradle dashboards and make an informed decision about each team member’s performance.

What do users think of the Cradle and HubSpot integration? 

Overall, the reviews of the Cradle HubSpot integration are positive, with an average of 4.9/5 stars — here’s what users have to say.

Having customer data at the ready has been a game changer for Hayley Welch from Oakmoore.

"I have gone from not being able to track anything to having all phone calls recorded, knowing who is calling before I answer, and what they last called about!” 

Harry Smith, of Australian Timber Ceilings, has seen customer relationships deepen thanks to this integration.

"This phone software is absolutely brilliant - integrates perfectly with HubSpot and makes a huge difference to building customer relationships when seeing who is calling in and picking up the conversation where you left off. James and Joel on the Cradle support front are hard to beat - good service, great product." 

Adrian Bortignon, of Kongo Industries, loved the easy setup and huge payoff of combining Cradle and HubSpot.

"By far the best HubSpot phone system our team has come across! Integration took less than a minute to set up and the contact-owner routing feature has made a significant improvement in delighting our clients with a personalised experience. Could not recommend Cradle enough!" 

Still not convinced? Try it for yourself with a free trial. 





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