5 tips on how to choose an outbound calling software

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7/10/20 2:29 PM


They say that sales makes the world go 'round.

Whether you agree or not, outbound calling to this day is still one of the easiest ways to reach a prospect with the flexibility of having an engaging conversation at an instant.

So what makes a good outbound calling software and given the vast amount of solutions out there, how do we make the best decision for our team?

Here’s Cradle’s top 5 tips for what to look for when deciding on a solution for your team:

The calls connect

An obvious one but something that few and far seem to find. One of the most painful experiences for an person doing outbound sales is connecting with a prospect, beginning to have an engaging conversation and then whoops…

The connectin sem to be breakg up…

First impressions really do matter and the last thing we want is for our first impression with a prospect to be one where both parties want to pull out their hair.

So how do we ensure the software you're using has the call quality we need? The easiest way is to make sure you give the product a try beforehand and test how the calls sound.


The phone is easy to use

How many times have you actually walked into an office, seen the phone on the desk and actually understood what all those buttons do? (I still don’t know...)

If your team's goal is to do outbound calling effectively then what you need is - surprise surprise - something that can allow you to make calls at an instant without jumbling around from button to button or page to page.

It’s important to look for a solution that can cater to your specific needs, whether your team uses macOS or Windows, or if the new company policy is to work from home (thanks 2020).

To briefly toot our own horn, Cradle has often been referred to by our customers as a simple phone system and we pride ourselves in our ability to offer a delightful phone experience.


See your team's performance

One of the most common questions I ask when talking to prospects about their outbound calling software is how many calls does your team make? More often than not, the response is either I have no idea or how do I find out...?

Managing what you can measure means that knowing your numbers is vital for your team to keep improving and being effective. If your calling software isn’t showing you even the most basic stats, such as the number of calls/minutes/missed calls etc… then a core part of your revenue generation machine is operating blindly.

Easy customizationCradle's reporting dashboard on the desktop app

The ability to expand with your team

The goals of every business generally include growing to be something bigger and better. Somewhere along your journey you will hire new staff and make plans to begin expanding to new markets and reaching into new regions.

At these times, teams find that scaling a phone system can be more work than finding the right team member.

Whether it’s hardware constraints, numbers needed or even just long-term contracts that prohibit growth it’s important to look for a solution that can scale and grow with your team.


Your provider has your back

Whether we like it or not, unexpected events can happen at any time. It’s at these times that we need great customer success to leap into our corner to make things right. It's all about making sure the team is spending their time growing the business, not fighting the tools.

To sum up, choosing an outbound calling solution can be hard work and there are a number of things to consider to make sure your team are enabled with the tools for the best chance of connecting with prospects and most importantly having an experience that your prospects will remember.

If you want to dive a little deeper into an outbound calling software solution for your team, head on over to Cradle’s solution for sales teams.

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