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Has COVID-19 Affected  Your Business?

We know how important keeping your business running is. If you need to work from home and still connect with your customers, we can help.

We want to work together with our customers to keep businesses running strong while we navigate this unique time.

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Some of our amazing customers


How can Cradle help you get through COVID-19?

We are offering 3 Months FREE on an annual contract so that we can come out of this stronger, together!

Easing the financial burden

We're also offer a month to month service, so you can choose to just come onboard whilst your team are remote. We're waiving our onboarding fees during COVID-19 in order to help businesses continue operating, as well as increasing our calling limits to help your team stay in touch with your customers. 

Advice on what tech your team need to work from home

We are built from the ground up to work remotely. We have already transitioned across to working remotely to reduce the potential for COVID-19 to spread rapidly. We know what you need to make working from home possible.

Help you make sure your customers can call your team

Not being able to serve your customers at a time like this could really hurt your business. Making sure you do everything you can to maintain your revenue and support your customers whilst they maintain theirs is incredibly important to our economy and our livelihoods. 


Cradle dashboard mock up

Tools to help you manage your people

Communication is one of the most important differentiators of humans. Our ability to communicate with each other defines us and enables us to have the societies that we do. 

We'll help you ensure that you can communicate with your team, both with our own calling tools and by sharing any insights we have into how to communicate with and manage your teams when you're remote. 



Let's make isolation less isolating!


Cradle can keep your team in touch with each other and your customers, even when they're isolated from your office.

Phone from Home!

Cradle works off cloud based servers, so your calls can be delivered to wherever your team are.

Seamless Experience

We can have your team up and running by this time tomorrow, meaning you wont drop the ball when your customers need you the most.

No Setup Fees

We are waiving all setup fees during COVID-19 to help keep your business running, and your cash flow sustainable.


As a manager, you'll have full transparency of your teams work through Cradle'd online reporting.

Stay Connected

We'll help your team stay connected with each other and your customers.

Tweak Settings

Lots will change in the coming months; with Cradle, your phones will respond to meet your business needs.

Let's work through this together

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